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[b]Position: Senior Commercial Analyst at Commercial Department [/b] [b]Job Description:[/b] Analyse/draft the commercial terms of various agreements and contracts at company and project levels. Work closely with the operators of the Projects, obtain and analyse commercial information (general information, revenues, costs, technical specifications, etc.) Provide project updates to the management; Prepare presentations for various internal and external users; Set up payment schedules and provide relevant backup documentation for the payments; Check payment notices and invoices from vendors for accuracy and handle invoice-related issues; Participate in the review of the monthly, quarterly and annual reports of the Operators, Analyse company and project information (including but not limited to project reports), send relevant queries to operators Perform other work-related duties as required. Requirements: Education in Environmental Studies/Science or related field; Experience in handling complex agreements, specifically with respect to undertakings and reporting requirements set forth therein; [hidestr] Company: ООО Work Space Title: Коммерческий аналитик [/hidestr]

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  • Elanın tarixi : 16.11.2018
  • Bitmə tarixi : 17.12.2018
  • Yaş həddi : 18  − 60
  • Əmək haqqı : 1650  − 1850AZN
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  • Baxış sayı : 76
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