Reservation & Ticketing Agent

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[b]Responsibilities:[/b] Provides high-quality customer service to customers by phone, e-mail and to walk-in customers at the office; Books flights, calculates fares and air ticket prices, issues air tickets in accordance with applicable fare rules and an airline policies and procedures; Performs rebooking of existing bookings and reissues valid air tickets in accordance with fare rules and an airline policies and procedures; Offers and sells other related company services and packages; Provides information, consultations and service to customers in accordance with an airline and company standards; Performs all necessary tasks and duties prescribed by an airline and company for this job position on a daily basis; Conducts sales of air tickets and other related services by cash, customers’ bank cards and bank transfer in accordance with the legislation and internal procedures; Prepares sales reports; Informs Department colleagues about current and new policies and procedures of the airline and controls compliance with these policies and procedures; Handles and solves complicated and challenging cases and issues; Provides staff coaching and training on an airline products and GDS work upon superior’s request. [b]Requirements:[/b] Minimum of 1 year experience working in Ticketing/Reservation; Great understanding of Airline GDSs (preferably, with a certificate); Good knowledge of IATA rules; Good knowledge of ticketing (official issuance of air tickets and emds/msrs), invoice, bank cards and cash handling rules; Good knowledge of English, Russian and Azerbaijani languages; Excellent communication skills; Friendly manner and polite attitude, respect of business ethics and corporate image, client-oriented. [hidestr] Company: ООО AVIAREPS Title: Reservation & Ticketing Agent [/hidestr]

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