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European Bank for Reconstruction and Development

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[b]Responsibilities:[/b] a) As a Project Coordinator for the EBRD, ensure an effective and regular coordination between the Committee, the EBRD, EBRD's appointed third party experts, and the Public Private and Institutional Stakeholder Working Group formed under the Framework, for an efficient and coordinated implementation of the measures agreed and commissioned under an action plan for Khiva-Khorezm. b) Set up a structured and regular interaction between the Committee's office in Khorezm region and the other public institutions responsible for infrastructure, cultural heritage, business, to: • Address the infrastructure gaps impacting both the protection and preservation of heritage sites and tourism development; • Ensure the coordination of the local tourism strategy with the national tourism strategy; • Ensure the coordination between the local tourism strategy and the Khiva's city masterplan, as and when available; • Ensure tourism to UNESCO-listed sites is developed sustainably and in compliance with UNESCO's listing requirements; • Strengthen business-to-business as well as government-to-business interaction, as one of the institutional goals of the Committee; • Address the necessities of investors involved in complex cultural heritage-led projects or tourism projects that require co-ordination between the various central and local authorities; c) Design and establish a formal, transparent and institutionalized process for receiving, prioritizing, processing and responding to complaints from businesses and from visitors; d) Develop mechanisms for a preliminary settlement of disputes; e) Create an anonymized database of complaints received from businesses and visitors, including classification of the type of complaint and entity to which the complaint is addressed; f) Based on analysis of the complaints database, draft recommendations aimed at the creation of a friendlier business climate; g) Train the staff of the Committee in managing and maintaining the interaction with the other public institutions on an ongoing basis; h) Train the staff of the Committee in maintaining and managing the Grievance Procedure on an ongoing basis. [b]Requirements:[/b] • A management background in tourism, hospitality, heritage or related field, with preferably one postgraduate degree in one of these subjects; • Preferably 10 years' relevant professional experience; • Expertise and track record in implementing tourism, hospitality, heritage or related projects in Asia is a plus; • Demonstrable experience in interacting effectively with senior officials, Governments, experts, other public institutions and the business community involved in tourism, hospitality, tourism or related fields; • Fluency in written and spoken English and Russian is expected; Fluency in Uzbek or Turkish is an advantage; • Strong leadership and persuasion skills; • Results oriented; and • Ability to prioritise and structure tasks. [hidestr] Company: European Bank for Reconstruction and Development Title: International Advisor [/hidestr]

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