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Position : Metallurgical engineer Job responsibilities: • Studying the properties of various materials and finding means of improving their characteristics; • Creating new alloys that are without the drawbacks posed by existing materials; • Testing and evaluating efficiency, characteristics and performance of new alloys; • Conducting feasibility studies about new alloys as well as their respective fabrication procedures; • Researching and formulating methods of extraction of pure metals from ores; • Researching methods of refining extracted method and formulating cost effective and efficient methods; • Documenting and preparing detailed records of all research procedures and details; • Regularly keeping in touch with metallurgical research taking place in different parts of the world; • Collaborating with scientists and other researchers who work in similar fields; • Implementing safety measures and train junior staff. Education/experience/ skills:  • Degree in Metallurgical engineering; • 5+ years of relevant experience; • Fluency in English; • Deep knowledge regarding various materials and their characteristics; • A thorough knowledge regarding extraction and refining procedures of various materials; • Excellent analysis and observation skills along with a keen eye for detail. Additional info:  • Salary will be discussed during interview; • Benefits: Lunch, Corporate cell phone, Transportation; • Location: H.Z.Taghiyev settlement, Sumgait, Azerbaijan; • Please indicate the name of the position “Metallurgical engineer” in the subject line of the application e-mail and send to e-mail address [email protected] • Only shortlisted candidates will be invited to the further stages of the recruitment process. [hidestr] Company: Sumgait Technologies Park LLC Title: Metallurgical engineer [/hidestr]

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