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Lawyer  Key responsibilities: • All corporate documents of the Company, including the management of society take part in the preparation of all required rules, systems and participates in the design of mechanisms; • He makes effective proposals in society procurement, personnel, financial and accounting documents, participate in legal proceedings and provide legal advice; • Increase of charter capital at the expense of property of legal entities performs necessary work on the state registration of such property and decision-making by the founders; • During the alienation of the subsidiary (stocks) of a legal entity or its subsidiaries the legal capacity of subjects, he provides verification of being authorized; • He provides legal support for legitimate use of the provisions of legal acts in the public ; • He checks their compliance with the legislation prior to documenting (decisions, orders, statutes, procedures, etc.) the activity of the company; • He prepares civil legal contracts, when the contract is presented to the counterpart its compliance with the interests of the legislation and the society; • Commercial (limited liability, additional liability companies), and (joint-stock companies ) and non-profit legal entities (public associations, foundations, unions of legal entities and so on) and (creation) (preparation of constituent documents, their state registration, etc.) and he performs the necessary work to implement the reorganization (merger, acquisition, division, separation, transformation); • Making subsequent changes in the recorded facts of the Company or its subsidiaries and performs necessary work on state registration; • He works on documenting the termination of the rights and obligations of the company to other persons in the order of succession; • Establishment of branches and representative offices of the Company, as well as their state registration and participates in drawing up of the registered branches and representative offices statutes; • He provides the legal documents required by state bodies and municipalities, withdraws, signs and, if necessary, pays state taxes; • He works on the state registration and clearing and increasing the charter capital of the Company and its subsidiaries; • He  takes the necessary works in alienation of shares in the Company or its subsidiaries; • He does the necessary work to hold meetings of the collegial executive body meeting minutes not later than the time specified in the legislation or the charter of the company; • He provides appropriate legal advice in determining the scope of the agreement both for the Company and for its subsidiaries; • He carries out a register of corporate documents of the Company or its subsidiaries; • He povides legal advice, feedback and advice on the activities of the Company; • To protect the legally protected interests of society, he prepares and sends the necessary documents for judicial resolution (in a pretentious manner) of disputes and uses other legal remedies to achieve the desired result; • As a representative, he advocates the interests of society in order to represent the society in court. • In accordance with the head of Society and Law Department he executes appropriate instructions. E - mail : [email protected] [hidestr] Company: Gidrotransproyekt Title: Lawyer [/hidestr]

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