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Site Administrator Location: Base Office (30 km away from the city centre) Education: Higher education Work Experience: Must have at least 2-3 years’ experience in administration. Knowledge of Languages: English (fluent), Azerbaijani (fluent) Other Skills/Certificates Required:          - Be fluent in standard software for PC such as MS Office; - Very good command of written and spoken English Responsibilities: • Assures efficient co-ordination of personnel tracking system and administration of personnel matters on board. • Maintains required administration of all personnel on board in line with Company procedures. • Prepares and co-ordinates crew changes as instructed by the Master / Superintendent for marine and technical crew. • Monitors and organizes the arrival and departure of all personnel and arrange transport of all departing personnel to final destination. • Prepares helicopter manifests. • Ensures all new arrivals are in possession of a valid medical certificates and valid safety training certificates as per Company training matrix – informs Master of any deficiencies. • Maintains personnel data and retains copies of medical certificate and safety training certificates. • Allocates cabins for all personnel and maintain records for Muster Lists. • Retains passports and seaman’s books of all personnel. • Registers embarkation and disembarkation of Seamen and technicians as per company guidelines. • Updates Muster-list, Crew List/ POB-PASO List. • Prepares monthly time sheets of vessel personnel and issues to Company. • Prepares payroll sheets for marine and technical crew linking the dedicated Job Number for cost allocation under the supervision and signature by Master/Superintendent. • Prepares statements of meals consumed, in conjunction with the Camp Boss – obtains signature from Master. • Ensures official documents for customs and immigration are updated and obtain signature from Master. • Logs/arranges/ distributes incoming and outgoing mail as per standing instructions issued by Master. • Supervises accommodation / cabin cleaning and servicing. • Receives and processes time sheets of all Subcontractors. • Ensuring that the appropriate documents (Hard and Soft Copies) relating to the Vessel CA&A system are maintained and made available for inspection to the system verifier and other interested parties; • Assisting vessel personnel to document and maintain their individual competence Portfolio’s and Logbooks; • Liaising with partner companies and other stakeholders to ensure that all crew mandatory HSE courses are kept current and the personal records of the crew are updated accordingly; • Maintaining and keeping in good order the training certificates of the vessel; • Maintaining the HSE Training record and matrix for courses conducted onshore; • Assuring candidate portfolios and Record of competence logbooks are kept up to date and stored in a secure place; • Liaising with the Vessel HSE Engineer/CSO to identify training gaps and potential dates for re-assessments; • Ensuring all certificates issued to vessel personnel under the Competency Assessment and Assurance scheme are kept in such a way that authenticity or confirmation of issue of a certificate can be verified at a later stage if necessary. • Fully adhere, at all times and irrespective of the work place, to Company Health, Safety, Environmental and Quality (HSEQ) policies, procedures and requirements; • Perform other related duties as assigned by the Superior. Interested Candidates please send your CV noting your minimum salary expectation to [email protected] indicating the title of position in the subject line of your message. Otherwise your candidacy will not be considered. [hidestr] Company: Oil Company Title: Site Administrator [/hidestr]

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