Personalized Internet Assessor, Azerbaijan

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[b]Personalized Internet Assessor Azerbaijan[/b] [b](Azerbaijani Language) [/b] Are you looking for a job that gives you the opportunity to work with one of America’s top 100 most trusted Companies while also increasing your income from the comfort of your home? Then why not join Lionbridge as a part-time Independent Contractor. We are currently recruiting for the role of Azerbaijani speaking Personalized Internet Assessors in Azerbaijan. [b]What does the job involve?[/b] In this job you will be reviewing online search results in order to improve their content and quality. You will be required to provide feedback and analysis on content found in search engine results and provide ratings on their relevance to the search terms used. Another aspect of this role will involve reviewing the language used in the search results by examining grammar, tone and cultural relevance. Through this work you will be making a valuable contribution by expressing your opinion on the quality and content of what is currently out there on the web. You will play a part in improving the quality of one of the largest search engines in the world using both your PC and required Smartphone device. [b]Who is suitable for this job?[/b] We are currently seeking dynamic and creative people who have a strong interest in social media, specifically those who are an active daily user of Gmail. We also require suitable candidates to own & use a smartphone – Android or iPhone – and have a familiarity with other forms of social media and Google products [b]. [/b] You should also be flexible, reliable and have the ability to interpret and follow established guidelines. You will have the flexibility and freedom to work from your own home, working your own hours. Hours for this role are up to 5 hours per week depending on task availability. We are currently seeking people who have a specific smartphone device (Android 4.1 or higher or iPhone 4S or higher) to complete tasks. [b]What are the main requirements for the job?[/b] You must be fluent in written and verbal [b]English & Azerbaijani[/b] You must own and use a Smartphone [b](Android V4.1 or higher or iPhone V4S or higher)[/b] to complete tasks. The majority of the task types will require both a desktop/laptop and a Smartphone Gmail must be your primary email account Active daily user of [b]Gmail[/b] and other forms of social media. You must have familiarity with current and historical business, media, sport, news, social media and cultural affairs in [b]Azerbaijan[/b] Access to and use of a broadband internet connection and associated computer and software to perform the work, all provided at your own expense Experience in use of web browsers to navigate and interact with a variety of content [b]What’s next? [/b] Don’t Delay! Submit your application through [b]the below link using a desktop PC/Laptop[/b] and a member of our recruitment team will review your application. [b]Please note: We are unable to offer more than one Personalized Internet Assessor role per IP address. [/b] [hidestr] Company: Lionbridge Title: Personalized Internet Assessor, Azerbaijan [/hidestr]

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