Language Assistant to the Resident Twinning Advisor
Twinning project between Azerbaijan, Italy, Lithuania and Poland

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                                                                                                                                    Twinning project between Azerbaijan, Italy, Lithuania and Poland entitled: “Strengthening the capacity of the Ministry of Agriculture to improve effectiveness and efficiency of state support to agriculture” Project AZ/15/ENI/AG/01/18 funded by the European Union Post: Language Assistant to the Resident Twinning Advisor   Resident Twinning Advisor Language Assistant posts will be supported under the terms of the Twinning contract AZ/15/ENI/AG/01/18. The posts will support the work of the RTA Mr Giuliano Polenzani whilst working in Azerbaijan. The Framework for the Job The project is focuses on supporting the MoA and other Azerbaijani involved administrations in improving the performance of the agricultural sector thereby implementing Government policy on diversification of the economy, decreasing regional disparities and improving rural livelihoods. The specific objective of the twinning is to strengthen the capacity of the Ministry of Agriculture to define, programme and administer effective state support to agriculture and for rural development and in line with relevant EU policy principles and best practices. Place of work: Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Azerbaijan                        Government House, (to be confirmed) Contractual nature of the job: Independent consultant, on the basis of the standard IPA- ENPI contract for services. The language assistant will be self-employed and will undertake full responsibility for the payment of all taxes and obligations deriving from the legislation in force, including for those related to medical and social insurance. Remuneration: € 1.300/month. The contract provides for the payment at the end of the month in Euro. Duration: 24 months Status of the position: The assignment is full time and the RTA language assistant contract will run from the date of the signature of his/her contract and throughout the period of the Twinning contract. The Twinning contract end is estimated on 30th of April 2021. The RTA language assistant is appointed on a probation period of 3(three) months from the date of commencement of employment. During this period the employee’s performance, skills, behaviour, adaptability, knowledge and health will be evaluated and any shortcomings in this regard during the probation period will be sufficient reason not to extend the contract beyond the probation period. 2. Content of the Jobs Overall purpose: To give administrative, accounting support the Resident Twinning Advisor (RTA) in his implementation of the Twinning Contract and in particular to support effective delivery of the Twinning Contract, ensure good communications and co-ordination between the Twinning Partners. Give administrative support to the Experts involved in the project. Principal tasks: - language assistance to the RTA and visiting Short-Term Experts (STE); - Translation of written materials with relation to the project in Azerbaijani and English (possibly also in Russian); - Interpretation during Short-Term Experts (STE) missions to Azerbaijan, meetings, workshops, seminars, trainings and other project events; - Develop and maintain close working contacts with Beneficiary Country officials involved in each of the activities and the project management; - Assist in other translation/interpretation tasks assigned to him/her by the RTA. 3. Requirements The RTA language assistant may not have or recently (past six months) have had any contractual relation with the beneficiary administration, namely the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Azerbaijan; Essential/Key requirements: - University level education - Fluency in Azerbaijani and excellent English is essential.; - Ability to communicate effectively in these languages, including good drafting skills, management and organisation of staff; - Experience in Azerbaijani – English v.v. and (preferably) Russian – English v.v. interpretation and translation services; - Good computer skills (in particular Word, PowerPoint and Excel) and building databases o registers; - Ability to work effectively in an international environment proved by a minimum of 3 (three) years of referenced professional experience. The following skills will be considered an asset for RTA language assistant: - Fluent Russian and Italian spoken and written - Knowledge of and/or experience in the Public Administration or private business sectors; - Work experience in international organizations or project and/or relationship with international business; - Work experience at least for 2 (two) years in working in the field of agriculture and/or agro-food sector (i.e. direct support, rural development, trade mechanism or market organisation); - Clean driving licence and local knowledge. 4. How to Apply Qualified candidates are kindly asked to send their applications for the above mentioned position not later than 19th April 2019 (24:00, GMT+1) to the Italian Ministry of Agricultural, Food, Forestry Policies and Tourism - MiPAAFT. E-mail address: [email protected]  Your application in English language must include: - a motivation letter explaining how you fulfill the above qualifications - a CV (Europass-format with detailed description of your professional experience and your education with exact dates, including a photo - PDF copies of supporting documents (university degree, reference letters and certificates in the original language and, if available, in English) __________________________________________________________________________________ APPLICANTS MAY BE REQUIRED TO SIT A WRITTEN TEST __________________________________________________________________________________ Only short-listed candidates will be notified and interviewed by Skype the sometime at the last decade of April 2019, therefore, please indicate your Skype address in the CV or in the motivation letter. Applications received after the closing deadline and/or submitted by any other means (e.g. by fax or mail) or delivered to other e-mail addresses or submitted in other languages than the English language will not be considered. Incomplete applications i.e. without supporting documents such as education records and employer's certificates will not be assessed. [hidestr] Company: Twinning project between Azerbaijan, Italy, Lithuania and Poland Title: Language Assistant to the Resident Twinning Advisor [/hidestr]

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