Logistics Coordinator
Oil and Gas Company

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Logistics Coordinator • Facilitate the shipping of products from one destination to another • Arrange transportation, schedule staff, and orchestrate deliveries to meet customer demand with no delay • Receives products and coordinates delivery • Prepares loads for shipment • Takes steps to avoid quality control issues • Makes sure warehouse capacity is kept at optimal levels • Manages activities throughout the order fulfilment and transportation cycle to make sure established deadlines are met • Continually reviews freight costs, transportation rates, and/or the prices of raw materials to keep costs down where possible • Streamlines shipping and transportation processes • Plan and manage logistics, transportation, and customer services • Visualize, facilitate, optimize, and coordinate the full order cycle from start to finish (where transportation is required) • Track quality, quantity, stock, transport costs, delivery timelines, and productivity • Adhere to safety standards • Analyze data and consider performance modifications and implement improvements • Comply with all regulations, laws, policies, and ISO requirements in terms of logistics • Assess and resolve issues relating to transportation, customer problems, import and export, and logistics systems. • Maintain detailed and accurate logistics data for daily, weekly, and quarterly reports including usage metrics, customer issues and resolutions, training records, work logs, and schedule documentation. • Communicate with various other departments as needed to create comprehensive schedules for business processes such as sales appointments, shipping, and accounting tasks. • Provide comprehensive logistical support daily for both inbound and outbound shipments, including verifying safety procedures and overseeing quality assurance. • Work to improve the logistics process by negotiating with suppliers and customers, increasing efficiency, reducing unnecessary steps, and creating innovative solutions for logistical issues. • Create policies, safety procedures, risk management programs, and supply chain processes as needed to increase logistical efficiency and cost-effectiveness (where applicable) • Ensure carriers, shipping and receiving personnel, and other logistical areas comply with safety standards and legal requirements. E - mail :  [email protected] [hidestr] Company: Oil and Gas Company Title: Logistics Coordinator [/hidestr]

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