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Network Specialist Responsibilities:  Maintaining and administering computer networks and related computing environments including systems software, applications software, hardware, and configurations  Protecting data, software, and hardware by coordinating, planning and implementing network security measures  Replacing faulty network hardware components when required  Performing disaster recovery operations and data backups when required  Operating master consoles to monitor the performance of networks and computer systems  Coordinating computer network access and use  Designing, configuring and testing networking software, computer hardware, and operating system software  Design and implement new solutions and improve resilience of the current environment  Maintaining, administration, troubleshooting, diagnosing and resolving problems of wireless systems and IP telephony systems  Establish the networking environment by designing system configuration, directing system installation and defining, documenting and enforcing system standards  Undertake capacity management and audit of IP addressing and hosted devices within data centers  Undertake data network fault investigations in local and wide area environments using information from multiple sources Requirements:  Bachelor’s degree in information technology related field of study with a network engineering focus.  Strong understanding of network infrastructure and network hardware.  Ability to think through problems and visualize solutions.  Ability to implement, administer, and troubleshoot network infrastructure devices, including wireless access points, firewall, routers, switches, controllers.  Knowledge of application transport and network infrastructure protocols.  Ability to create accurate network diagrams and documentation for design and planning network communication systems.  Provides specific detailed information for hardware and software selection.  Ability to quickly learn new or unfamiliar technology and products using documentation and internet resources.  Ability to work with all levels of staff within and outside of IT and outside the organization.  A self-starter able to work independently but comfortable working in a team environment.  Good analytical and problem-solving skills.  Understanding NAT and VPN  Network security experience.  LAN and WAN experience.  IP Telephony experience.  Wireless experience. Interested Candidates please send your CV  to [email protected] indicating the title of position in the subject line of your message. Otherwise your candidacy will not be considered. [hidestr] Company: PMD LLC Title: Network Specialist [/hidestr]

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