Financial Reporting Specialist

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Financial Reporting Specialist 1. Preparation of monthly management reports and analyzing as well as providing different financial analyses; 2. Preparation of semiannual and annual consolidated and standalone financial reports as well as timely and proper notes thereon; 3. Improvement of reporting and analysis (automation, simplification, deepening, etc.); 4. Analyzing financial reports, assurance of their compliance with common standards and eliminating existing inconsistencies; 5. Participation in organization, formation, implementation of budget planning process and participation at analysis of budget and planning. 6. Investigation of current and new International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) identifying impacts and suggesting relevant proposals; 7. Ensure sustainable and effective communications with external auditors and other third parties; 8. Assist financial reporting disclosure committee and prepare minutes for meetings; 9. Make recommendations to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of financial reporting. Experience, Competencies and Skills Required: 1. Bachelor’s degree in Finance/Accounting; 2. 2+ years of professional experience in financial reporting function; 3. Strong analytical skills; 4. Strong communication and presentation skills; 5. Good knowledge of English, Azerbaijani, Russian is advantage; 6. Good knowledge of MS Office. 7. Financial and accounting certifications are advantage; How to apply: Interested candidates are requested to submit CV to   [email protected] Put “Financial Reporting Specialist” in the subject line. The candidates will go through initial CV screening review. Those candidates ONLY who succeeds based on CV screening will be contacted via email and/or phone and will be invited to interview. [hidestr] Company: MAX LLC Title: Financial Reporting Specialist [/hidestr]

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  • Şirkətin adı : MAX LLC
  • Ünvan : Azerbaijan
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