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Copywriter We are looking for copywriter who has skill on generating the words, slogans, scripts, etc. that accompany advertising visuals. Responsibilities: • To be highly creative and imaginative, and curious about clients' products or services • To be skilled in writing clear, concise and grammatically correct copy • To understand the different language styles that appeal to various target markets • Brainstorming ideas and concepts for the visual and words with other members of the creative team • Having excellent interpersonal and communication skills • Working well in a team and with a range of creative people • To be able to work under pressure and manage workloads effectively • Being highly self-motivated and well organized • Having an eye for detail Requirements: • University degree • 4 years’ experience in related field • Marketing knowledge required. • Computer knowledge (Excel, Word, Power Point). • Fluent Russian and English Interested candidates send emails to [email protected] with the subject: Copywriter. [hidestr] Company: Uptime Marketing Title: Copywriter [/hidestr]

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  • Elanın tarixi : 23.09.2019
  • Bitmə tarixi : 23.10.2019
  • Yaş həddi : 18  − 60
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  • Baxış sayı : 64
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