Procurement and Logistics Specialist
Oil & Gas Company

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Position: Procurement and Logistics Specialist COMPANY: Oil & Gas Company Job Responsibilities: • Registering all incoming to procurement department requirement forms • Monitoring contracts progress • Compare prices amongst various vendors in order to make purchasing decisions • Negotiating with contractors on price, mode of shipping and delivery time • Ensure that products are delivered in a timely manner and the quality of goods received is satisfactory • Establish and maintain vendor databases • Ensure accurate recording of all vendor contracts and communications • Ensure completeness of all procurement related records in an appropriate filling system • Keeping contracts files and using them as reference for the future • Ensures the completeness of all shipping documentations • Prepare and complete documentations in accordance with the relevant Local and International regulations for shipment/delivery of goods by sea, air and land • Provide shipment/delivery of maintenance and fabricated materials • Comply with Local Customs Legislation • Assist in prompt delivery of equipment and raw materials to site • Collaborate with Procurement and Logistics Manager to subcontract shipping agencies and supervise customs activities • Evaluating bids and making recommendations based on commercial and technical factors • Checking cost, quality and level of service Requirements for Candidate: • Higher Education • Relevant work experience – minimum 3 year • Fluency in Azeri / English / Russian • Computer skills • Business writing, negotiating, reporting and documentation skills We kindly ask candidates possessing above requirements to send CVs to [email protected] and state the position. [hidestr] Company: Oil & Gas Company Title: Procurement and Logistics Specialist [/hidestr]

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  • Ünvan : Azerbaijan
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