On Shore Project Support
Oil and Gas Company

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On Shore Project Support Start: 02.01.2020 Contract duration: 31.07.2020 Salary: 1300 AZN GROSS Skills: English / Azerbaijani / Russian (not obligatory) Additional requirements: car (mandatory) A) Prior to Outages 1. Coordination of preparation of visa invitations for offshore personnel 2. Support for the Company’ on-site organization and infrastructure • Transport concept for personnel (coordination with hotel) • Accommodation concept (coordination with hotel) • Access to site (for Company personnel and sub-supplier) 3. Support for inbound transports and local logistics • Coordination of delivery of tools, consumables and spare parts (from customs to site) • Attendance of the arrival of spare parts, tools and instruments on site, especially with regard to the check of completeness/damages and being Company’ representative in the acceptance process (i.e. signing of delivery notes, acceptance certificates etc.) 4. Coordination of local procurement, cooperation with Company Baku procurement e.g. • Interpreter • Daily transportation • Airport shuttle • Hotel arrangements based on manpower schedule for outages • Inquiries/calculations for local scopes (e.g. site infrastructure, sandblasting, scaffolding etc.) 5. Attendance of HSE meetings (incl. translation of customer’s information); mainly during unscheduled outages if required 6. Coordination and support of local purchasing (e.g. missing FS tools) in collaboration with Recipient’s project management 7. Local 3rd party partner management • General interaction with local 3rd parties • Provision of 3rd parties’ contact persons prior to the start of outages • Coordination of local 3rd parties (e.g. local purchasing, hiring of 3rd party’s personnel during outages) B) During Outages (April-June 2020) 8. Presence on site (e.g. for translations, coordination between customer and offshore personnel) 9. Implementation of: • The registration of personnel • A transport concept for personnel in collaboration with Recipient’s project management • An accommodation concept in collaboration with Recipient’s project management • Documentation of time sheets for Company personnel on daily base • Time sheets with local suppliers 10. Coordination of local personnel hired for the Project (if required) 11. Coordination of consumables required and to be locally sourced for the Project (e.g. delivery, handling on site, refill etc.) C) After Outages 12. If requested, support for the clarification and solving of open items 13. Expediting of the acceptance process (i.e. signing of delivery notes, acceptance certificates etc. by the customer) 14. Support for return transports of spare parts, tools and instruments from site back to Germany D) Further Services (on request) E - mail : [email protected] [hidestr] Company: Oil and Gas Company Title: On Shore Project Support [/hidestr]

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