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Company: BOS Shelf LLC Position: QC Engineer Address: 83 Salyan Highway, Garadagh Dist., Baku, Azerbaijan AZ1083 Requirements; • More than 3 years’ of relevant experience. • CWIP certificate 3.1/3.2. • English language skills. Job Description: • Understand and Comply with BOS Shelf QHSE System & Policies. • Strictly follow instructions from the Quality Lead. • Ensure the correct implementation of approved Inspection test plans. • Monitor the transfer of all unique material identifiers to ensure material traceability where required. • Monitor welding parameters and consumables during installation / construction activities. • Ensure QC Inspectors are monitoring procedure qualification and welders’ qualifications. • Checks and confirms the availability and suitability of the filler material, preheating material equipment, welding sets, heat treatment equipment / records the extent of all repairs made by welders. • Ensuring that all installed pipe / fittings are to the correct specification and that the material is in accordance with the specified material traceability requirements. • Monitor that QC Inspectors carry out visual inspections and they raise reports. • Monitors completion of daily inspection reports. • Liaise with welding Engineer and Quality Head regarding welder qualifications and weld procedure qualifications. • Ensure that all welding, heat treatment, any hardness testing, Inspection and non-destructive testing are in compliance with the relevant codes and specifications. • Monitors repair procedures. • Completes all reporting in timely manor. • Checks that work is being performed using current approved drawings, specifications and procedures. • Ensures that all items (structural, piping etc.) are released from workshop with IRC. Please send your CV to [email protected] by indicating the position title (QC Engineer) in the subject line of your email. [hidestr] Company: BOS Shelf LLC Title: QC Engineer [/hidestr]

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  • Şirkətin adı : BOS Shelf LLC
  • Ünvan : Azerbaijan
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  • Mənbə : jobsearch.az