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Company: YENI CHINAR HOTEL COMPANY Department: Finance Position: Receiving Clerk Address: Chinar Hotel and SPA , Naftalan, Az. Receiving Clerk job description We are looking for a hardworking and reliable Receiving Clerk to join our team! As a Receiving Clerk at our company, you will be responsible for receiving, checking and recording incoming shipments of various materials and products. Receiving Clerk duties and responsibilities • Work with procurement staff on everyday basis • Receive shipments • Handle all necessary paperwork upon shipment receipt • Unload material from incoming shipments • Inspect all the contents for damages and volume • Collaborate with all relevant stakeholders, such as suppliers and shipper • Identify any bottlenecks in the process • Manage and return wrong shipments • Handle and document invoices • Keep records and help with inventory control Receiving Clerk requirements and qualifications • Previous working experience as Receiving Clerk or at related position for minimum 3 years • 1C experience is advantage • Hand on experience with entry data software • Knowledge of relevant health and safety standards, rules and regulations • Math and recording abilities • Excellent organizational and time management skills • Great communication, presentation and interpersonal abilities • Excellent physical stamina etc. Other terms Salary will be 500 Azn net for first 6 months and then 550 Azn net. Extra benefits are mobile number and standard balance, meal, transport and shared accommodation, etc. Interested Candidates, please send your CV with subject “Receiving clerk ” to [email protected] [hidestr] Company: Yeni Chinar Hotel Company Title: Receiving Clerk [/hidestr]

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  • Elanın tarixi : 19.11.2019
  • Bitmə tarixi : 19.12.2019
  • Yaş həddi : 18  − 60
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  • Baxış sayı : 56
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  • Şirkətin adı : Yeni Chinar Hotel Company
  • Ünvan : Azerbaijan
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