EURO2020 Venue Logistics Coordinator

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EURO2020 VENUE LOGISTICS COORDINATOR- a unique work experience in a prestigious tournament as the European Championship. Project mission: The Venue Logistics team will be responsible for overseeing the set-up and running of the various EURO offices, taking delivery of furniture and office supplies, helping to turn each stadium into a working EURO venue. The team will also oversee the day-to-day on-site logistical requirements for staff, including accommodation, uniforms, transport and break areas, and will manage general office responsibilities, such as troubleshooting, office storage and petty cash usage. Position overview: • Manage the delivery, set-up and post-event collection of office furniture; check and update the furniture inventory; management of damages and spares • Distribute the ‘starter’ office kit containing office supplies for all venue offices; oversee the ordering, storage and distribution of re-supplies • Supervise the delivery, sorting and storage (in liaison with the Delivery & Warehouse team) of EURO 2020 staff uniforms and venue bibs; distribute the uniforms to staff; management of spares; arrange tailoring sessions for the final fittings of hostess/formal uniforms • Support the Venue Management team with the venue handover and hand back process, create an inventory of stadium materials (fixed and movable) in all spaces allocated to the tournament, and noting any damages; coordinate the damage reporting procedure throughout the tournament • Liaise with local EURO staff hotels with regards to check-in and out procedures, request early/late check-ins and outs and parking provisions for vehicles; work closely with the UEFA Central Services core team regarding rooming lists, additional room requirements and change requests • Oversee daily staff moves to and from hotel to venue; as required per hotel, provide 1) information on walking routes and maps and/or, 2) details of public transport routes and timetables, and distributing tickets and/or, 3) supervising staff shuttle buses and timetables • Supervise the delivery and use of the Venue Logistics fleet vehicles; sign for vehicles upon arrival; keep a log of any damages/missing parts from delivery to return; ensure all drivers have read, understood and signed the fleet policy and relevant documents • Manage the venue petty cash/credit card process; arrange for the purchase and distribution of last-minute, essential items for the venue-based projects; keep accurate records of expenses • Implement staff break areas; setting up and maintaining coffee machines, fridges and all other equipment to provide hot and cold drinks and snacks to staff; order of resupplies; ensure areas kept clean and restocked • Distribute gifts and giveaways, work closely with the UEFA Brand Production core team to manage the process • Use FAME, the database containing the EURO 2020 staffing plan, to create reports to communicate details on daily staff arrivals/departures, staff numbers per venue on any given day, hotel rooming lists etc. to be shared during daily Venue Management meetings • Ensure that new staff arrivals, based long-term at the venue, are introduced to key team members, shown around the venue and to their workspace, and provided with arrival information sheets (prepared by the Venue Logistics team) containing essential information for working and staying in the host city • Drive the venue logistics pool vehicles to transfer staff from hotel to venue and to run essential errands in the local area, such as buying items with petty cash and updating information on UEFA noticeboards at hotels • Support the Delivery & Warehouse team with mail and courier deliveries • Source local laundry facilities for staff • Oversee general office responsibilities, including troubleshooting, and carrying out administrative tasks such as filing, photocopying and creating documents • Train the LOS Venue Logistics Assistants and participate in training the volunteers; compiling their respective schedules and monitoring their work • Work closely with the Broadcast Logistics team, based in the Broadcast Compound, and the Delivery & Warehouse team, based at the Logistics Point and Logistics Compound, with relevant staff services, deliveries and storage • Regular reporting in accordance with UEFA EURO 2020 requirements and follow administrative processes as required as a team leader Profile of successful candidate: Must have requirements • Full proficiency in English (both oral and written) and in the local language of the venue • Good working knowledge of Microsoft Office and event databases • One to three years experience of working in a similar position • Good organisational and time-management skills • Able to work accurately under pressure and remain calm in busy, potentially stressful, situations • Knowledge of the relevant EURO 2020 host city and its surroundings • Confident and careful driver with a valid driving license (for driving Venue Logistics fleet vehicles) If your candidacy meets the above requirements, please send your CV to [email protected], indicating the name of the position. 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