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Financial Chain Corporation LLC

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Payroll Assistant Job brief We are looking for a Payroll Assistant performing duties involving data entry and organization of payroll in the company. You will undertake a variety of tasks such as entering payroll information, calculating wages, all types of leaves and making payments. An excellent candidate has great understanding of the concept of confidentiality. You will be experienced in entering data with attention to detail and will have good math skills to make the necessary calculations. The ideal candidate will be a thorough professional with good communication abilities. The goal is to carry out all payroll procedures with speed and accuracy. Responsibilities - Manage compensation packages using payroll software - Collect and verify timekeeping information for all employees - Calculate pay according to hours worked incorporating leaves and overtime - Calculate bonuses and commissions when appropriate - Manage and calculate taxes and deductions - Issues statements and invoices and maintain records - Deal with complaints and questions regarding payroll from employees and upper management - Investigate and resolve any discrepancies in payroll - Prepare and submit reports with payroll information to manager Requirements - High school diploma or equivalent - Excellent communication abilities with aptitude in problem-solving math and numerical skills - Computer savvy with knowledge of relevant software (MS Office, 1C) E - mail : [email protected] [hidestr] Company: Financial Chain Corporation LLC Title: Payroll Assistant [/hidestr]

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  • Elanın tarixi : 26.11.2019
  • Bitmə tarixi : 26.12.2019
  • Yaş həddi : 18  − 60
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  • Şirkətin adı : Financial Chain Corporation LLC
  • Ünvan : Azerbaijan
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