Technical Coordinator for Storm Water Projects
General Supply LLC

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Position: (TECHNICAL COORDINATOR) FOR STORM WATER PROJECTS Industries: water and sanitation infrastructure and services Education: High Work experience: Minimum 3 year experience E-mail: [email protected] Technical competences: - Civil engineer with experience in hydraulics, and preferably in flood control and drainage - Experience in design and supervision of hydraulic works - Project Management experience for the execution of engineering project for public customers - Ability to set a budget and monitor it - Ability to write and control reports Human competences: - Relational ability with contractors for field investigations, specialized engineers and customers - Excellent team spirit - Passion for the environment Language ability: - Excellent level in English is required - Good level in Russian is appreciated Others: - Driving license required - Ability to travel in neighboring countries Salary range: - Between 2000 and 3000 AZN net - Medical insurance provided [hidestr] Company: General Supply LLC Title: Technical Coordinator for Storm Water Projects [/hidestr]

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  • Bitmə tarixi : 21.03.2020
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  • Şirkətin adı : General Supply LLC
  • Ünvan : Azerbaijan
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