Chief Electrical Engineer

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Chief Electrical Engineer Responsibilities Provide the technical expertise in identifying operational enhancements to improve design, safety, reliability and cost efficiency - Proven ability to understand the electrical infrastructure of projects to inform, guide, and commission complex building systems - Participate in design reviews to reduce operational and maintenance costs and optimize Life Cycle and limiting capital replacement costs and energy consumption; - Investigate equipment failures and diagnose faulty operation; - Control engineering changes during project execution; - Provide detailed technical reports for Facilities Management to assess subsystem performance and modification or upgrade requirements. - Plan, prioritize, assign, supervise, review, and participate in the work of staff responsible for facility maintenance. - Establish schedules and methods for providing facility maintenance services; identify resource needs; review needs with appropriate management staff; allocate resources accordingly. - Oversees installation, inspections, repairs, trouble shooting and daily maintenance of buildings, infrastructures, and facility equipment. - Develop and organize preventative maintenance and safety inspection programs for all facilities and equipment. - Responsible for keeping buildings and facilities in good status to comply with environmental, health, and safety policies - Coordinate with contractors in providing contract services. - Answer questions and provide information to the public; investigate complaints and recommend corrective action as - Perform related duties as required. - Experience in Weak Current, Low Voltage and Medium Voltage systems. Requirements Education: Bachelor degree or equivalent. Experience (years): - Technical skills in project controls and 4 to 6 years’ experience - A highly motivated individual with entrepreneurial approach. - Possess an extremely friendly, enthusiastic and outgoing personality, with ability to openly communicate and work with all types of individuals and personalities. - Ability to develop right working process Soft skills: - Possess excellent interpersonal, communication, and analytical skills - Strong communication and conflict resolution skills - Excellent knowledge of Azerbaijani, Russian and English languages - Excellent presentation skills - Ability to share skills and knowledge with others. - Proven interpersonal, verbal and written communication skills. - Well organized with excellent time - Demonstrates proficiency using a personal computer (PC) and company communication tools, such as email, internet, and Microsoft Office (e.g., Word, Excel, Office, Outlook, PowerPoint, MS Project) as well as CAD software (e.g., AutoCAD, ArchiCAD, etc.) Interested Candidates please send your CV to [email protected] indicating the title of position in the subject line of your message. Otherwise your candidacy will not be considered. [hidestr] Company: R-Pharm Title: Chief Electrical Engineer [/hidestr]

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