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We are hiring: Chief Agronomist [b]Tələb olunan keyfiyyətlər:[/b] Bachelor's degree in agrarian business, agrarian science or agronomy (agricultural orientation); Must have more than 5 years of experience as an agronomist; It is an advantage to have a thesis or course work on growing tomatoes; Ability to identify plants and their problems (diseases, pests); Know the rules of growing vegetable crops (tomatoes, etc.); Ability to plan, organize, manage, control and coordinate the activities of employees engaged in the propagation, cultivation, harvesting and packaging of various types of tomatoes; Successful communication, strong communication and analytical skills with employees and management from all categories; Ability to prepare and forecast product costs and productivity budgets; Must be careful and responsible; Age limit: male / female candidates between 35-50 years old; Ability to work in MS Office (Word, Excell) programs; Ability to use the greenhouse program PRIVA; Russian and English - good level; Ability to use e-mail and the Internet; Willingness to work and live abroad for a long time (for candidates from abroad); Drug and alcohol screening, physical and functional assessment (FCE) tests are mandatory, and criminal history will be checked. [b]Vəzifələr:[/b] To apply the next sowing system, to determine the norm of productivity per hectare of land selected before sowing, to increase the productivity of agricultural crops, to take necessary measures to increase soil fertility; Implement agro-technical measures, ensure irrigation and reduce water loss; To ensure timely preparation of land for planting, cultivation and harvesting; Chemical analysis of soil, determination of cultivation (feeding) and feeding rations (fertilization, mineral supply, etc.) in accordance with the vegetative development phase of the plant and compliance with the rules; Use of chemicals against pests and diseases in agriculture; Identify plants and their problems (diseases, pests, etc.); To control pests and disease levels; To determine the biological maturity of the plant, to take measures for chemical and mechanical control of diseases and pests; To properly organize certain labor and fulfill work norms for the efficient use of agricultural lands, labor force and machinery; To plan, organize, manage, control and coordinate the activities of employees engaged in the propagation, cultivation, harvesting and packaging of various types of tomatoes; Create and maintain a program to record crop growth data (weekly crop report, climate report, fruit growing report, production, etc.) (in the PRIVA program); Pruning, leaf cleaning, thinning, watering and pest control; Supervise the activities of employees and teach them the appropriate methods of cultivation, instruct new employees on the methods of cultivation; To manage the staff of the subordinated greenhouse; Ensuring that the quality of work meets company standards and actively managing weak executors; To monitor the efficiency of work and make appropriate changes in the staff to achieve the goals of the company; Ensure that all safety policies (worker safety, food safety, etc.) are followed and enforced, including strict product hygiene standards; Prepare and forecast product costs and productivity budgets; Be aware of seed varieties; To inspect facilities to determine the need for repairs and to instruct staff on repairs; The workplace will be in the region. [b]İş şəraiti:[/b] Competitive salary. Provision of accommodation in the host country (for foreign candidates). Ensuring participation in various exhibitions and events in the country and abroad. Voluntary health insurance. Participate in regular business trips and be part of a leading company. [hidestr] Company: Greenhouse Title: Chief Agronomist [/hidestr]

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