Security Guard

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[b]Tələb olunan keyfiyyətlər:[/b] • Advanced knowledge of Azerbaijani, English and/or Russian languages is a must; • Proven successful experience as a security guard; • Good communication and interpersonal skills. [b]Vəzifələr:[/b] • Check doors and windows of buildings to ensure they are tightly closed and locked during non-business hours and open during operating hours. • Prepare accurate and concise written daily patrol activity reports. • Assist any persons needing directions or information in a courteous manner. • Promptly respond to alarms and dispatched calls. • Conduct regular patrols to ensure safe shopping environment. • Monitor and warn potential violators of mall policy. • Perform equipment and machinery inspections on a regular basis. • Report on any fire alarm and security door mismanagement or malfunction. • Ensure no unauthorized entry into restricted areas. • Handle emergency situations smoothly and efficiently. [b]İş şəraiti:[/b] Salary will be discussed during interview process; • Benefit: corporate cell phone, • Working hours: 6 working days a week; [hidestr] Company: Optimal Title: Security Guard [/hidestr]

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